Hyak Tour

Words By: Kat Parks

Photos By: Cayman Waughtel

Reports of D2 and D3 slides made for conservative tour planning this week. That coupled with the uncertainty of Rainier opening due to Tuesday night’s storm prompted us to go check out Hyak which turned out to be the perfect place for Cayman to lap some runs so he could feel out his new split. 

Since Pippy accompanied us in the car, we had to stop and throw disc in the snow before starting our tour. Upon getting out of the vehicle, we both got a whiff of poopy air most likely from an unfortunate septic mishap at one of the houses nearby. Because of the poo-air, neither one of us could get our touring stuff together fast enough so we could get the heck outta the lot and start skinning away so our nostrils could smell what we came for — mountain air. 

We skinned the cat track and were able to enjoy casual conversation which is not something that we often get to do while touring because we are usually talking about the snow underski, surrounding observations, and/or what route looks best so we can put in the most beautiful skin track. As afore mentioned, this was Cayman’s first tour trying out his new split so the entire skin up, I got to listen to his boots click loudly against his heel risers. Knowing that this would drive us both to drink, we stopped at the top before ripping skins so he could make a quick adjustment. 

Our laps were fun, crusty, and uneventful. We got some small alpine views, laughed quite a bit, AND I got to try out my newest favorite pocket food: corndogs! Now, the whole idea of pocket food for us and touring is to find food that tastes good cold, doesn’t fall apart while eating (because sometimes you’re eating while perched precariously), and is easy to make ahead of time. We always make breakfast burritos for the drive to our destination so those are out for our lunch but there are quite a few other pocket foods that we’ve had success with. Our go-tos are cold pizza or homemade pasties that we bake the night before a trip. This trip’s trial pocket food was chicken corndogs and ketchup and we definitely found another winner! Pulling out a corndog and dipping it in ketchup after a run was way more satisfying than it maybe should have been but I live for the little things. 

We wrapped up by zipping back down the cat track and were met with the familiar scent of septic misfortune at the car. As quickly as we put on our touring stuff at the beginning of the day, we took it all off just as fast and drove up the road to find a lot that had fresh air and big snow banks so we could finish out our trip with a beer, chips and guac, and a disc session. 

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