"Do The Hustle!"

Words by: Kat Parks

Photos by: Cayman Waughtel and Kat Parks

With some snow over the weekend and about 7” of new snow Monday and into early the next morning, Winter is alive and well in the high country and we were there for it yesterday (Tuesday) under bluebird skies.

We knew we’d be a little against the clock in terms of solar affect on the new snow so we aptly named this the ‘Hustle Tour’ because we wanted to be down and out before the snow got too heavy. Because of this, neither of us took many photos but those that we did get sum up our day pretty well. 

We stopped once for a break on the way up and after quickly getting sick of following the terribly set skin track that was still visible from someone’s tour the day before, we put in our own track with Cayman breaking trail and me smoothing out the kick turns for whatever group would be coming after us. The burned trees were covered in 1/2 inch frost shards that sounded like raining crystals when they broke free as the sun warmed the branches. Reaching the top felt good since we pushed our pace all the way up but we didn’t hangout for long before dropping the backside. The top part of the pitch was fairly wind affected and worked me a bit as I descended but the lower part was nothing but 10-12” of blower. 

As tempting as lapping the backside again was, we transitioned quickly at the top, ran into the first and only group we ended up seeing, and looked out at Pahto, Loowit, and Tahoma before making our way back down the burn zone and out. Our timing was pretty good as we only got into a short pitch at the end that was solar affected. I could tell that I have been skiing a lot of powder as of late because I got tossed making one of my turns when my edge caught the breakable crust underneath the new snow. As someone who hasn’t been skiing for very long, I do not yet have the muscle memory and experience to change my technique within a split second of feeling a snow change. That comes with time and skiing as much variable snow as I can which isn’t really a process that I can speed up anymore than I already have. 

We were back at Upper C by 1230 and hung out in the sun with Pippy while enjoying a charcuterie spread and a carbonated beverage before heading home.